what is your natural vocation?

Life is too darn short to waste your one, precious life in a stressful job, suffering through six-month performance reviews, useless meetings, commuter traffic, micro-managing bosses, and no freedom or control over YOUR life.


Are you ready to love your work?


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for everything you have done for me the past few months! My life has turned into this amazing exciting adventure thanks to your program and, of course, YOU!

We can provide you with the online career counseling you need

The Oxford ProgramTM is an online career counseling program specially designed to help people (who feel "stuck" with a complex career choice/change dilemma) discover their "natural vocation" and have it all: a career they absolutely love and that pays them what they need. It succeeds where conventional career counseling has failed in the past.


It combines...

  • A complete career assessment of the whole you including the Highlands Ability Battery
  • Unlimited career coaching from your team of career counselors.
  • Career recommendations that fit you and your situation
  • Support and answers from a network of clients
  • Proven track record of successful career changes
  • Fast answers and discoveries starting on your very first day!

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