Why do some people achieve greatness in their careers and lead extraordinarily happy lives?

The Oxford Career Testing ProgramTM uses a systematic combination of scientific testing and assessments to help you identify your ideal career path. Our proprietary data, research, and triangulation matching process assures research-validated accuracy and confidence in analyzing your natural talents and options. It forms a scientific and objective inquiry into the talent patterns, career potential and options of the individual who completes it.

Do you wonder...?

What work roles and fields do my talents fit best with? What college major should I choose? How do I learn best? What is the best college/study environment for me? How do I solve problems and make decisions most easily? How shall I plan my classroom, study and homework schedules?

Our testing program...

  • Uncovers your natural, inborn talents
  • Pinpoints your ideal career path
  • Builds your self-confidence
  • Can offer you a strategic advantage in landing your top college choice
  • Can provide a sense of purpose behind your academic, career, and life ambitions
  • Identifies occupational pitfalls to avoid

We seek to discover your innate, natural abilities and use the information to determine what career paths you should follow for satisfaction, what occupational pitfalls to avoid, what college majors to study, what sort of schools to attend, or what hobbies to be considered.

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These reports comprise the complete package of reports for our testing program.

Who is it for?

  • High school and college students who want to understand the type of work they were born to do and develop a powerful vision for what they want to achieve through college and in life.
We measure your talents, interests and personal style: the areas where you would do your best and be most happy. This testing program is completely different from the ineffective career tests you may have taken previously. Most career tests are based on your personality or interests and you can sway them with your choices. And just because you are interested in something doesn't mean you have any talent for it.

Some people hesitate to take our tests because they might “fail.” It is impossible to pass or fail our program. In many cases, a low score on a particular test may be preferable to a high score. Satisfaction in a job depends not on how many aptitudes you possess but on the combination of high and low scores, and whether that aptitude pattern is used in your work.

The student completes the testing and materials from the comfort of their own home. No travel needed!

How does it work?

How does it work?


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